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Custom Drupal theme regions

This tutorial requires you have basic to intermediate knowledge of Drupal theming, basic knowledge of PHP and an understanding of HTML and CSS.

From Drupal 4.7 onwards Drupal themers now have the ability to set their own custom block regions for their themes. This gives even more power to your theme and your ability to customize your themes.

Blocks admin areaBy regions I mean the regions in the page template where you can assign block content like left-sidebar,right-sidebar, content etc. Just take a look at the blocks admin area (yoursite.com?q=admin/build/block) on your site and you’ll see something similar to the image on the right. But these can default regions can be a bit restrictive so let's take a look at how you define your own custom block regions for your theme.

The template.php code

In your themes template.php file is where you define all the block regions you want using code similar to this:

function YOUR_THEMES_NAME_regions() {
  return array(
'left' => t('left sidebar'),
'right' => t('right sidebar'),
'content' => t('content'),
'header' => t('header'),
'footer' => t('footer'),
'user_profile_left' => t('user profile left'),
'user_profile_right' => t('user profile right'),
'header_advert' => t('Header Advert'),
'content_top' => t('Content Inner Top'),
'footer_col1' => t('footer column 1'),
'footer_col2' => t('footer column 2'),
'footer_col3' => t('footer column 3'),
This is the exact regions I am using on DrupalSN, you'd obviously need to change the YOUR_THEMES_NAME bit to the title of your theme which is whatever you called the folder your theme lives in, mines druplsn_v1.

The code returned by this function is just a simple array with the key (on the left hand side) being the computer friendly name so you shouldn't use spaces or any strange characters and the value (on the right hand side) is the human readable name that you see in the blocks admin area drop down menus.

The page.tpl.php code

Ok so we've defined our block regions now it's time make them show up in our template and this is really simple.

  1. We going to be working with the page.tpl.php file, so go ahead and open that up in your favourite text editor (Notepad or Dreamweaver).
  2. Now refer back to the regions array we defined in the template.php file and simply take the key name and put that into a PHP echo statement with a $ sign in front of the key name like so:
    echo $KEY_NAME;
  3. So let's put our "left sidebar" region into the left sidebar of our layout. The key for the "left sidebar" region is "left" so our code would look like this:
      <div class="sidebar_left">
        <?php echo $left; ?>
    It's that simple! This bit of code places the "left" region within a div with the class "sidebar_left" and this corresponds to some CSS layout code that maybe look something like this:
      overflow: hidden;

You can take this same principle to fill out your whole page layout with your custom regions.

Test the layout

Once you've added all your regions to your page.tpl.php you need to test they are working by assigning block content to the regions via the blocks admin area.

So, go to the blocks admin area (yoursite.com?q=admin/build/block) and assign a few blocks to your new regions and save the settings (save blocks). The blocks should show up in your new regions, if they don't go back to your page.tpl.php and check you have spelt the region key name correctly. If you're still having problems it's often useful to refer to another theme like the Garland theme to see how it's done there.

If you don't like getting your hands dirty with theme hacking then you should check out the Block Regions module

That concludes this tutorial I know I've not gone into too much depth here but hopefully you've grasped the principle of how to assign custom regions in your theme. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

As always thanks for reading!

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Comments (26)

Monstor Graphix Design Studio's picture

This method only works for Drupal 4.7 – 5.x. Beginning with Drupal 6, creating custom regions became even more easy:

  1. Open your THEME_NAME.info file in your theme folder and either add or modify the custom regions like so:

    [left] = Left sidebar
    [right] = Right sidebar
    [before_content] = Before content
    [content] = Content
    [header] = Header
    [footer] = Footer
  2. Open your page.tpl.php file and insert the region output into your html where you would like it:
    // check to see if it exists
    if ($before_content) { ?>

    <!— conditionally wrap it in its own div —>
    <div id="before_content"> <!— BEFORE_CONTENT begins —>
    <!— output the region content —>
    <?php print $before_content ?>
    </div> <!— /BEFORE_CONTENT ends —>


  3. Be sure to style your new content via CSS
DrupalSN's picture

Hi monstordh,

Welcome to DrupalSN!
Great snippet and instruction, would yo consider writing any tutorials, you obviously know your Drupal?


Monstor Graphix Design Studio's picture

I don’t know as much as a lot of you guys (especially you!), but I would be honored to help do some beginner/intermediate level tutorials as time permits. If there are any specific topics that need to be addressed, please let me know. I haven’t looked to see if you have anything on this yet, but I know one of the simple things that I had to learn the hard way was where to put my contributed themes & modules. Let me know if you have anything in particular in mind.

ps. This site ROCKS!

Monstor Graphix Design Studio's picture

I think one thing that might be of interest to newbies is a tut to help understand the difference between a node and a page, and how to go about customizing those from both the admin side, and the code side.

A great tutorial which I’m sure would be hugely popular would be “How to Create the DrupalSN User Profile Page using Drupal 6”.

does anyone have a more detailed description of this, I am looking for some development on my canvas prints site.

Breckenridge Resort Real Estate's picture

A clear and concise Drupal tutorial!

What a relief, thank you.
I can now go go ahead with my theme development plans.

Right after I subscribe to your blog :)

Content of new block region not showing!

Hello everyone,

although this tutorial is real helpfull I still have an anoying problem.

I insert all the code in the correct pages and when I acces my blocks page the new region show as expected but when I change the page or when I view my site as a normal viewer, the new region just disappears. This has been driving me nuts all day now, I’ve been searching all over the place for an answer but haven’t found anything yet.

I was hoping to find help here…

Thnx in advance!

Monstor Graphix Design Studio's picture

@ smilterman

are you putting your code in your page.tpl.php file? that’s where it should be.

also – you have to have your regions declared in your .info file, and they have to match. So… suppose you have a region called $left. You would also need your region declared like this:

regions[left] = Left sidebar

I’ve got it called “Left sidebar,” but you could call it whatever you like.

Thanks for helping out, a really great tutorial and very helpful so thanks a lot. Have a look at wall art I think you’ll like it.

Very informative article and lots of really honest and forthright comments made! This certainly got me thinking about this issue, thanks all.

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The code returned by this function is just a simple array with the key (on the left hand side) being the computer friendly name so you shouldn’t use spaces or any strange characters and the value (on the right hand side) is the human readable name that you see in the blocks admin area drop down menus. JN0-643 3000.2 3000.3 132-S-720.1 6203.1 6202.1 6001.1 132-S-720.1

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Previously, I covered the topic of creating custom regions in Drupal 5 themes. However, Drupal 6 introduced a new process for creating custom regions in themes and it is still one of the topics people ask about most frequently.
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Coding For Java's picture

Most Drupal themes have a number of pre-defined regions that you can use in your templates – $header, $footer, $left, $right and $content.
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