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Asked by on Tue 25th May 2010
Menu Bar

A noob here – my second question. Thanks for your help!

I have set up my menu using a theme – however I cannot seem to make the drop down button simply a button. Right now its a link to a page which defeats the purpose.

Eg. I have links: Home, About, Departments…. etc
About is a drop down with:
About > About Us, Our Team, Associates

I searched for hours and hours on the drupal forums + Posted a forum topic to find out why its not doing what I want it to do… It does not let me remove the link to the page – I simply have no clue what to do. Perhaps I have to create a button option as initially I created About as a page in the first place (under content>page)

If anyone has a solution to this dilemma I would really appreciate the input!

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