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Asked by on Sun 25th Apr 2010
Using Rules on viewing content to see if a certain field in author's Content Profile is set

Hi all,

I am learning rules and the example Tutorial 5: Editorial workflow with Rules helps me a lot in understanding the power of Rules.

However, I have a twisted scenario and I don’t know how to do it.

“Editor / Publisher want to have option to receive email notification”

I met a publisher who want to view all pending content via login, instead of being notified via email all the time.

While I can do the following

  1. Build a view for pending content
  2. Add the notification option by creating a content profile page on the fly,

I cannot add condition to a rule which check if the content author want to receive email first (which is specified in author’s content profile) before sending email notification.

How can this be done?

I installed the following modules

  • Content Profile
  • Rules
  • Token
  • Views

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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