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Asked by on Mon 15th Mar 2010
301 Redirect Taxonomy Term Page

Hi all,

I have a Drupal site that I am working hard to rank high in Google. Unfortunately I did not block Taxonomy Term Pages from being listed with my robots.txt and now I have a high positioned listing for a pretty meaningless Taxonomy Term Page (it represent a forum container but does not display any output when you visit the URL).

I have tried setting up a 301 redirect in my .htaccess in the root folder as follows:

Redirect 301 /taxonomy/term/16 http://mysite.com/forum

But this just changes the URL to http://mysite.com/forum?q=/taxonomy/term/16.

I have tried a few mod_rewrite rules and conditions and have no luck with those either.

Any idea how I can redirect this taxonomy term page to my main forum page in a Search Engine Friendly way?


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