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Asked by on Mon 1st Mar 2010
How can I manage different type of users in D7?

Hi there,

I’m trying to start a D7 site with the following features:

  1. Allow 2 different types of registered users:
    • Individual: it will have fields like “First name”, “Last name”, etc.
    • Company: it will have fields like “Name”, “logo”, “address”, etc.
  2. Registered users can only be “Indivudual” or “Company” and it would be preferably to chose this “role” during registration.
  3. Different type of users will have different rights and will only be able to see their profile while editing their account.

In D6 I used Content Profiles for point 1) and Auto Assign Role for point 2), and by setting the proper permission I was able to do point 3).

Now in D7 everything is different and some of this projects looks like they won’t longer be supported.

I would really appreciate some help here as I wasn’t able to do this using the profiles from core.

Thanks in advance.

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