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Asked by on Sat 6th Feb 2010
How to link an "image link type" to a specific view "page/%" custom address in another view? "%" is not acceptable.

Let me make it clear:

View 1:
I have created a view(block). In the block, an image field has shown which has created by image link module (I can define a custom link on it).
Note:This block shows brand’s logo.

View 2:
There is another view which is based on passing argument to an specific “brand” page. (page/%)
e.i.: brand/sony , brand/canon

In the field of image link module in cck I can not point it to “page/%”. This address is not acceptable.

Normally when I click on the image it is link to its node in the first view. I whant to link it to the page of second view.

Thanks in advance for your guideline. Please let me know if there is any confusion.

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