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Asked by on Mon 1st Feb 2010
Site performance on localhost after its done

I finally completed my 8th drupal website – a community, and after all drupal optimizations and custom code I’ve been in able to do (only on drupal itself), i got site performance to :

Average memory per page: 26.8 MB
Average milliseconds per page: 1,210.82

Note that this performance comes just from pure drupal, no apache/mysql optimizations and caching mechanisms except drupals core/module enabled.

Average queries for nodes : 165-180
Average queries for users : 170-190
Average queries for panel-page-manager pages: 200 / 60 simple-cache

So my question is.. is 190 queries and 26 mb average memory consumption too much for community that will have ~300 anonymous and about 200-300 logged in users at most of the time.

And also, what server performance I will need to hold all that.

Number of modules enabled is 69

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