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Asked by on Mon 25th Jan 2010
How do you set up user profiles?

I installed a lot of the modules this site says to install for a great social networking site, I can’t seem to find anywhere that says how they are used though. I have also installed APK (Advanced Profile Kit), I like it, but I need much more to it.

On to the question(s).

Profile Image as a clickable link to a gallery – or a gallery in general, not sure how to make one for each user.

Contact Links – How do you make them able to be clicked on. Yahoo in example – your Yahoo! id, it currently shows as text, I would like it to be click able and open the Yahoo! web messenger with said user name to IM them. MSN/Skype/AIM/Google/Myspace/Facebook (etc.) I would like to make all of these clickable links somehow to either message the user name, or visit their page.

Adding/Removing – How does one add and remove things from APK? ICQ under contact for example.

I have several more questions, but for now I will await answers on these. If anybody wants to talk to me via message or whatever let me know and I can talk that way. I unfortunately do not have the money to pay for services, which is what helped me find this site. Any help is appreciated.

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