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Asked by on Mon 25th Jan 2010
DSNF Distrib/Installation Profile? Is this Distrib still active or is there another where I can contribute that I can also use?

I’m new to Drupal and like many trying to design a Social Netowk. I have used the DSNF from drupal.org (http://drupal.org/project/dsnf_install) as a starting point but there seems to be no movement on the profile. After hunting a bit I found this site which seems to address this issue. Does anyone here know if the DSNF Install Profile is still active or is there another that I should use? And is there a Distrib/Profile on this site where users can contribute to building a profile for quick adoption of out-of-the-box Drupal for the average user. While my Drupal skills are still fairly basic…I would be very willing to work with anyone (or group of people) who are interested in making this profile a reality in the near future.



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