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Asked by on Mon 16th Nov 2009
How can I allow everyone to see the contents of my text field and how can I get rid of the "text:" title above the field?

Very strange problems.
Baffled by how to solve this.
I want my pages to be visible to everyone, authenticated and not.
I don’t want teasers, but want the full text on every page.
I added a text field and was putting all content in there to get rid of the teasers.
But when I log out, I can’t see that content. Also, the text field title is visible above the field. I can’t get rid of this.
Newcomer to Drupal. I like this platform, but am very new, the whole concept still mystifies me.
How can I get rid of that “text:” above the text field and how can I let my users who are not logged in see the content of that field.
Drupal 6 on shared server

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