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Asked by on Wed 21st Oct 2009
how to build a single dynamic menu to present several models of cars ?

Hi all,

In order to present several models of cars, i need to build a menu which appear in block. This menu must contain the following items :

* General Presentation
* Photos & Videos
* Prices

Content type named “Car model” was created, it will contain about 70 nodes, this content type contain the above items as fields.

Of course, it would be absurd to create a menu for each model, so i need to build unique dynamic menu with fixed above items, but links of these items should change depending the choice of the user.

I give an example, if the actif page is http://www.mysite/model/aston-martin-db9, links of the menu must point to The Aston Martin DB9 caracteristics (General Presentation, Photos & Prices)

If a switch to http://www.mysite.com/model/aston-martin-dbs, the links f the menu must change dynamically.

You can see a concret example here :http://www.renault.fr/gamme-renault/vehicules-particuliers/laguna-berline

Is there a module project that can help me to do that ?

Any help will be appreciated.


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