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Asked by on Wed 14th Oct 2009
On a submit form, trying to have one taxonomy list filter another?

I’m a fairly novice Drupal admin. I have figured out my way through most things, views, cck, etc.. I’m just really stuck on one thing though. I’m trying to create a content type that allows a user to select a country, wine making region, and then if necessary a wine making sub-region. Now as you can imagine there is a ton of countries making wine, and regions within them, and sub-regions within them. So rather then put all these countries/regions/sub-regions into one ridiculously long list I wanted to have 3 separate pull down lists. You select your country, then the next list would filter to just the regions, then the 3 select list would filter to just the sub-regions.

I can not for the life of me figure out how to do this, is it taxonomy or cck?? I’ve been googling different search terms to find something and I just keep coming up empty.

Please help!

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