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Asked by on Sun 11th Oct 2009
How to display the list of new fields created from CCK

I’m new to both Drupal and PHP. I’ve worked with almost all CMS. I’ve tried Drupal in past but found it too complicated to work with. However I couldn’t resist the flexibility Drupal offers and decided to give it a try again.

Now I’m building a freelance job site using d6. I’ve created a new content type called “Freelance Jobs” using CCK which contains various fields such as Job Description, Skills, Start Date, End Date etc.

I want to display the most recent jobs on front page in a listing manners as it is displayed on most job sites.

Following is an example of listing I want to display

Job Title 1
Job Description…....
Skills: PHP, Drupal….
View Details

Job Title 2
Job Description…....
Skills: PHP, Drupal….
View Details

Simple question, how to do it?
Do I need to tweak theme file or I can do it from the Admin by using blocks/regions etc.?

Do I need to create a view to display above details?


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