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Asked by on Thu 17th Sep 2009
Is it possible to link from a views block (with one item per page) to the corresponding item on a views page (with ten items per page)?

I got a view which provides a block that displays only one item (actual news). The same view provides a page with ten items per page (ten news) and a full pager.

I would like to link that one news in the block to the corresponding news-item on the correct page of the page-view.

I can add a unique link-name to each news-item using the “view result counter” but I haven’t got any clue, how to set up the link in the block-view. If I would list all news on one page (unlimited items) it would be easy, but with limited news-items per page I don’t know how to link to the correct page of the page-view.

I would appreciate an advice.

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