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Asked by on Sun 13th Sep 2009
Make a block view get argument\relationship\any variable from node (more details inside)

Hello everyone, and thank you for viewing my question.

I have a content type X with a reference_url field to node type Y

I built a block view that shows on nodes of content type Y that should list all nodes of type X that are referenced to the node Y been shown.

I know that this should be done with arguments\relationships and with using the provide default argument->php code->some code that return my beloved variable.

problem is I dont know how.
any tips?

Ive checked http://drupalsn.com/learn-drupal/drupal-questions/question-2650 and it seems close to what I need but I cant get the view to get the variable. Ive also tried it using taxonomy instead but to no avail.

please help Im desperate!

thank you :)

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