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Asked by on Thu 10th Sep 2009
How to make this work with flags & userpoints & rules

I’m having this issue for months and I really don’t know how to make it work.

What i need is the phptemplate_preprocess or the function mymodule_flag { } ..

The thing is = > I need code that will give points to author of flagged comment or flagged node.

I tried to make it work with rules, but the rules is only capable of giving points to user who clicked on FLAG.

Then, i tried the userpoints_contrib modules, today it got new module called userpoints_flag => which was almost what I need, but due its low ability to be specific with flags, i couldn’t define more than 1 userpoints gain if flag is clicked..

That module works globaly, so basicly if you have any flag made on comment or node it will give userpoints to author.

So if I could know php programming I would make it better by implementing a ability to choose which flag should be affected and each flag could have its settings

These are the links of issues that I posted before, and the userpoints_flag module ;

http://drupal.org/node/335125 – the module

http://drupal.org/node/564430 – the issues (you will also find links of others)

I found also a code that should be looking exactly what i want, of course not with much settings, just the pure hook_flag


Hope I finally solve this issue, cause I desperately need it.

Thanks in advance.

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