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Asked by on Wed 19th Aug 2009
Bulk updating node

I created a product display web site for a client with Drupal 5.x

The client is happy with it. Now client want to add a feature to display new product on the “What new” page.

Then I add a cck field on existing custom ckk node ‘Product’

When create a new product, client can select ‘Yes’ on the check box. Then the ‘What new’ page (a view which select those node with this field value equal to ‘yes’) will display those new product.

However, the client felt that it is time consuming by editing node by node to mark it ‘yes’ for those created node. And sometimes client want a bulk delete by selecting desire node at once.

By default, Drupal provide a simple bulk node operation

Administer -> Content management -> Content

But the problem is, it can not provide updating a field value and it just display a title instead of product image.

Any ideas how to accomplish this work ?

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