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Asked by on Fri 20th Jul 2012
Can a view put empty values at the end instead of alphabetically at the beginning?

I have a view where some nodes have a value for ‘last name’ and some do not. I want to sort ascending : Albert, Beech, Cooper . . . with the blanks at the end.
[I’m actually grouping by author/user ID, so the blanks will appear in position where they belong if they are not forced to the top by the sort ]
I tried rewriting the value to zzz, but the sort ignores that . . . I’m in d6 at the moment but experimenting to see if d7 will help me.

In d7 noticed a ‘use rendered output’ option for the grouping field, but don’t see anything like that for sorting.


Views Natural Sort module looks promising, might be able to adapt to my purpose?

(I gave it a go, but it’s really geared to Node Title, and I need last name, field_last_name. A bit beyond me to adapt.)

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