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Asked by on Fri 9th Mar 2012
Drupal 7 Support portal question

I am trying to create a Drupal site that will enable some of the non-profit charitable organizations I help out to send me IT questions they may have.

Here is the link to what I would like the web page to look like: http://imgur.com/9AzFL

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for the following points? (please see image first)

1) On the front page users can either login if they have an account or sign up as a new user on that same page there is a text area to enter a question, and a browse button to attach a screenshot or document.

2) Once the user hits the SEND button, it will either log them in or create a new account (depending on the section they filled out.

3) The text in the Question box will create a new content “post” (new content type called Question will be created).

4) This new question will ONLY be visible to the admins and to the user that submitted it so that only they may comment on the question if needed.

5) A user has the possibility to see all the questions he has asked.

Thank you very much!


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