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Asked by on Thu 9th Feb 2012
" How can i apply unique filter to three pages ? "

HI, i am in big trubble please help me

i have installed below modules
1) calender
2) Chaos tool suite

my texonomy is

event-category and term list ( Affairs,Business,Culture,Practical,Science,Sports)

Now, i have create event content type below is fields

desc (body)
event start date
event end date
texonomy term refrence

now my i have enable the calander view
and trying to make 3 event page (all , upcoming , Past)

i have made tree page like (all , upcoming , Past)
but when i am going to apply filter on date it will apply to all page.

means if may current page is upcoming and i am apply filter like add filter and add my cck filed start date criteria will be greater then or equal then it will appy to all page .

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