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Asked by on Thu 21st May 2009
How to automatically inherit sidebar-block from parent bookpage to all the child pages of the respective book?


Is there any way to set the visibility of a block defined in the parent bookpage automatically in all the child pages of that respective book?

My site has got number of (100+) such books and each book contains several chapters (bookpages). Now, all the bookpages of a book has same block regarding the price and some offer on the book. So, I want to add this block in the parent bookpage which gets added automatically on all its child pages.

One solution that could be implemented is to create a block and than set its visibility option to book1/* for book1, book2/* for book2, and so on. But for this, I need to create blocks each time while creating a book.

Is there any alternative using view so that the functionality can be implemented by taking the content defined in a field of the parent bookpage and make it automatically visible on all its child pages?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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