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Asked by on Fri 8th May 2009
I cannot figure out how to configure the flat rate in ubercart which meet client needs

Client has the following requirements
Order total < 200, an additional 20 handling fee will be charged on whole.

On top of this, different pickup method will be charged accordingly
1. Post by local postal mail 0
2. Post by local register mail 20
3. Self pickup at our shop 0
4. All Railway station except station A and station B 0
5. Railyway station A or station B only 30

If order total is < 200, and
if pickup method is 1 or 4 will be charged for the handling fee i.e. 20
if pickup method is 2, on top of handling fee of 20, additional charge of 13 is added i.e.
(order total + 20 handling fee + 13 additional charge for this pickup method)
if pickup method is 5, additional charge of 30 is added.
If order total is < 200 or >= 200, and
pickup method is 3, nothing will be charged

I installed and enabled uc_fee for settings handling charge for order total < 200
And enabled shipping quote and defined each of the quote of the picking method

But some problem found.

If customer select pickup method 3, then under the condition of uc_fee,
it should be no additional charge will be added, no matter the order total is.

So how come to solve this complex cases

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