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Asked by on Wed 22nd Apr 2009
How does Views2 summary work with with node reference fields? Can't get summary links in block to work.

I have a gallery of pictures, and nodes have information about these, plus node references to the artist and exhibition content types. I want to have a few blocks that allow selection by artist, by exhibition, by size, etc. I’m using the views argument summary functionality. This produces SQL that builds the links. Links work for node content type fields (medium, size) but don’t for node reference (artist, exhibition).

I have set up the relationship (exhibition_name in the artworks content type to the exhibition_title in the exhibition content type).

I have a page showing all exhibitions, grouping the pictures by exhibition and showing the title at top using the grid layout grouping field.

This works well using fields from the same content type(medium, size)- each block has the summary links that lead to a page with qualifying images, grouped under the appropriate title. But not with the node reference fields (artist, exhibition).

The summary links look good, count is correct (so the SQL is Ok?), but each links back to a blank page. The URL looks OK, shows the exhibition page url and exhibition name that should control the selection, but does not generate a page.

It seems to be an problem with passing arguments (I’ve tried %1 and %2) – and possibly noob/stupidity. I’ll now try some of the methods in …
but any pointers would be welcome

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