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Asked by on Mon 20th Apr 2009
fivestar multi criteria voting from a node to another node

i want to vote from review node to product node with multiple criteria, say five values of a product vote.i want from review node, star voting for all five value should be clickable by any user, how i can do it, presently i am using

= votingapi_select_results(array('content_id' => $fields['field_performance']->content, 'tag' =>'performance', 'function' => 'average'));
'<div class="row"><span>Performance:</span>';
theme('fivestar_static', $performance_rating<a href="#fn3710612795879cd321f3c8">0</a>['value'], '5');

like this in views field tpl
but it output static stars. i want to make these star clickable by any user.same way i have more 4 fivestar field for same product. i want all them to be clickable.
please help me, i have tried may tutorial but not getting wht i looking for.
thanks in advance

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