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Asked by on Wed 8th Apr 2009
Question on using Views 2 arguments to display a list of node specific comments in a block.

My drupal site has 5 pages each containing a .PDF whitepaper. I would like have a list of user comments associated with each specific page/whitepaper show up in a sidebar block. The trick is I only want the block to show the comments associated with the current page/node. So for example, if the user navigates to Page1/Whitepaper1, a list of comments associated with that page will show up in the comments block. Then when the user navigates to Page2/Whitepaper2, the comments block will update to only show a list of comments associated with Page2/Whitepaper2. I assume that the Views 2 module using the Node ID is the best way to go about this, but I am having a hard time getting started. If someone can offer a few steps to get me started I would really appreciated it.

Thanks in advance!

- Kevin

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