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Asked by on Sun 5th Apr 2009
Using Ubercart - How do you set up the catalog page to display categories along with category image?

I previously set up ubercart 5.x version and I managed to get the catalog to display product category images & names.

Now, I am setting up another site with ubercart in 6.x but I cannot remember for the life of me how I managed to do the catalog page the first time. The taxonomy for catalog is all set up, and each term has an image linked to it but catalog is listing completely blank.

This is the 5.x catalog I set up the way I wanted (http://ottawapaddleshack.ca/cart/catalog/), now how do I do that in the 6.x version. o.O

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I’ve only used ubercart for Drupal 5, but that should be fairly easy to set up with Views.

1) Create a page display with a URL like “catalog” or similar.
2) Then filter by node type so you only get “product” nodes.
3) Then the important one, set up a taxonomy argument for the product taxonomy, so you can add the product term to the URL to get products in a given category. ie. catalog/kayaks
4) Then in the menu system i’d create a new menu for your product categories and assign it to the left block
You could make a taxonomy view block to do similar.

That should get you going, but let me know if you have any problems.

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Actually, this is going to sound so lame. LOL.

I did everything like my rough Ubercart tutorial says and was like oh noes no images on the catalog page.

Anyway… ;) Turns out if I add a product in a section, that section image and list of sub sections with products in them show up.

Teehee. Also, a page called catalog with a url cart/catalog is made automatically by ubercart.

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So we have catalog/kayaks/ ... What about in kayaks and we have a list of products. They are listing but thumbnails for the products are not showing up. How do I do that?