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Asked by on Wed 1st Apr 2009
moved from wordpress to drupal having some troubles....

Hello everyone!
I am new user to drupal currently using drupal 6.10 stable version.
I intalled drupal because I want more than a blog from my site & heard from everyone that drupal is very powerful cms.
But unfortunately things are not like i hoped.
I have some questions and problems hopefully you will help me out.
I moved from wordpress to drupal I migrated through wordprss import module.
I have welcome message on my home url (e.g. www.example.com) how to disable this message from my front page and customise it? I have tried every thing I can to disable but I cant.
My all content is shown on (www.example.com/node). What is node? Can I have many nodes on same installation? How to edit, create, manage these nodes?
can I have urls like ww.example.com/type/content instead of www.example.com/node/123
Can I configure my front page with rss of different categories?
CCK module not properly installed I can only see module I enabled but nothing happens how to reinstall
Can I manage different stories on different pages how?
How to create taxonomy links in menu.
& last when will be a user friendly version of drupal will be available?
It is very very very difficult to work with drupal for a newbie like me..
Your help is highly appreciated…

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