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Asked by on Fri 20th Mar 2009
A jquery plugin of image scroller loading images problem

I found on the web there is a jquery plugin fit of my needs
It simply scroll a number of images wrapped by a classed div

The I used this jquery plugin on my site to scroll images on the top of the page.

I load the plugin js thru template.php (ie drupal_add_js())

Then write a small script file used to select which div class for those images

    $(document).ready(function() {
$('#image-scroller').imageScroller( {loading:'Wait please…'});

Creating of the images:
I create a new content type with a imagefield. That’s all
Then create a views which select only this content type and output the image field only and do some views theming on views row style, field style etc to rip out all non necessary div class and output images only.

Everything is fine.
However when I load the page, the images on the scroller cannot be load on page first loaded (ie empty/blank). I have to refresh the browser in order to get the images shown up. (under firefox 3.0.7, IE not tested yet)

My test site is http://taitech.adrianmak.com

I have no idea it is a drupal problem or the plugin problem

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