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Asked by on Thu 19th Mar 2009
Right and Centre columns merged

Hi Again,

I am using Drupal version 6.10 and the Analytic theme (http://drupal.org/project/analytic)

I did my initial Drupal set-up in Google’s Chrome browser and now come to test in other browsers and come across a couple of problems.

My biggest problem is that in both IE and Firefox my right and centre columns merge and the content from both is displayed on top of each-other..

also, in IE alone, the main table that the site is built in has justified to the left instead of the centre.

I have been making a few, no doubt crude, changes to the CSS sheet, and think perhaps this second problem could be fixed quite easily with a tweak. Are there any related CSS tags that IE could feasibly read, but Chrome not that would account for this? But the first problem seems more like an actual bug – although that is purely conjecture.

My site is live at http://www.scunt.co.uk

If Tom, or anyone could give me a link in the right direction that would be incredible – My Drupal Googling skills are still pretty ineffective.

Thanks again x

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