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Asked by on Thu 19th Mar 2009
How do I create a page that does not load any blocks (there are blocks on the site)?

I do not want Drupal to load any blocks from the database or other modules.

I am creating a page (in a custom module) that will contain very little data. This page will not use the theme that the rest of my site uses and does not have to do SQL queries to the database of calls to other modules for the sites standard blocks. There are many blocks on my site.

the following are facts:
1) I can just hide the blocks using template, but DB calls are still made.
2) I need to pre-loaded drupal functionality
3) I cannot use xmlrpc.php opposed to index.php
4) The reason I do not want to load unused blocks every page hit is for performance.
5) I have too many blocks to manually go excluded this page from each of the blocks config settings

I have searched high and low and cannot find any advice with this. Does anyone know of a solution?


(for search purposes)
disable blocks
no blocks

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