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Asked by on Sun 15th Mar 2009
Why will views not handle my image-attach field?

Hi everyone, I am just starting to Drupal and am making all my changes live at http://www.Scunt.co.uk, I am new to this community and hope to become active as I familiarise myself with Drupal.

My main issue at the moment is in relation to the views module.

I am trying to create a view which shows the most viewed node alongside that nodes attached image.

The issue i’m having is that the image doesn’t appear in the view. The text saying “Attached Image:” does appear, and so the field is there, its just that the image is not generating. I am using the Image module to attach an image. Is there anything I could be doing wrong or overlooking? Is it because the Image module handles images as if they were nodes, and I should swap over to a different image module.

Thanks in advance

Peace, Love


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