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Asked by on Tue 24th Feb 2009
How to: restrictions for creating content in OG

I have been searching and reading lot’s of documentation about this topic. Considering the configuration i want i’m still left with certain questions.

In Drupal 6:
Lets say i want 3 grouptypes(groupnodes) sitewide. A, B, and C.
And sitewide i have 3 different types of content that act as groupposts. pages, story, blog.

Restrictions (the ones that are causing me some shorter nights lately)are the following:
1.All groupposts should be able to be posted by all groupmembers except for blogs, they only should be able to be created/published by groupadmins.
2.All three content types should be able to be posted in a group, except for blogs. In group C, members (except for groupadmin) shouldn’t be able to create/publish blogs.

If someone here has ran into or heard from a simular configuration i would appreciate it very much to hear some recommendations (modules or combinations of modules) or pointers in directions which i can search into.



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