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Asked by on Fri 2nd Jan 2009
Setting up community with forum and image gallery, split between 2 servers


We are a community of hobby photographers that have a portal/forum at a webhotel and an image gallery on a private server.

We’ve been looking at upgrading the portal/forum to something more advanced than the old PunBB that we’ve been using for some time now.

My thoughts went to some sort of CMS-system where we could integrate all 3 functions portal, forum and gallery with a single user database.

As far as I can tell this is fairly straight forward if you have everything at the same server.

However being a small community with very limited funding we don’t want to pay the webhotel for the diskspace needed for the image gallery.

We have a separate server to run the gallery on (or at least store all the images on).

Now, the question. :-)

Is there anyone who has experience with using drupal as portal with some forum integrated and with an image gallery on a different server but with a single sign-on solution? Everyone that registers as a user at the portal/forum should automatically get a user at the image gallery.


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