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Asked by on Tue 16th Dec 2008
Druap help required ...

Hi all,

I am very much a newbie to Drupal and I am trying to teach myself the basics in module & theme development. I have a fulltime job outside of IT (in healthcare) and I have some ideas from my industry that I believe may offer some real benefits in the future. I am trying to set up a website with Drupal (hence my attempt to learn it) so that I can try to apply these ideas in a beta form to see the interest that can be generated! I am finding though that my limited time makes it difficult to invest enough time to make the Drupal knowledge ‘stick’.

So, I am requesting a/some knowledgeable developers to offer probably just a few hours of their time. Basically initially what I am planning on doing is having a site where people will enter details of illness and as they do so a box in the right side bar is updated via an AJAX refresh with relevant terms …! I am not looking for bells & whistles just the bare bones theme and module for doing this. I can write a little backend app (as I do have prior VB & Delphi experience) to organise the data and I will also maintain & develop the SQL calls so long as I have a basic framework that points me in all the right directions to do this!! Largely speaking at the moment I am just looking for a minimum of work to not have to research Drupal in its entirety to find out how to make it do many of these ‘basic’ functions. My knowledge is lacking in how Drupal accesses and creates database tables … (in other words what is the architechture of a Drupal Database – do all the menus … all get stored in the same table…?). Then also how do I hook an API at the backend into Drupal for it to use? Largely speaking that is what I need! No good looking graphics or other … just a theme & module that does the basic Content Management functions of Drupal, registers users and manages them … and then allows this interactivity. If after I tweak the framework that becomes successful, then I can move the project further as more requirements become necessary. I am willing to pay for this (although I don’t really expect that this will take more than a few hours for the right developer). The attraction really needs to be altruistic or on the basis that if my ideas generate future growth then there may be much more work which can be offered on more attractive commercial terms.

Any Facebook app experiance would be greatly beneficial as I plan to use Facebook as a means of marketing the site!!

Please contact me on: pseudomax [at] walker-family [dot] ws and send me cv’s or examples of work so that I can get an idea of experiance!

Thanks all,

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