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Asked by on Thu 11th Dec 2008
How to set multiple time zone for Calender module?

Hi all,
I’m prepare to build up an event calendar for a website. This website already have two separate ones in two countries. For some reason i have to keep their original ones and embed this calendar in. I figured i will use iframe to embed this calendar to their website from drupal CMS. This is temporarily.

I already set up an entironment and with several modules and the calendar is working now. This is the module: http://drupal.org/node/262062

I have a problem right now. Because their website is in two different country. so it should be different time zone. How can i implement this feature? I should provide two different path which is bilingual and embed them in two websites. but i don’t know how to switch the time zone. Is there anyone can help? Many Thanks!!!

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