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Asked by on Wed 10th Dec 2008
Quick reply or go advanced feature

I always thought a cool feature is to offer both a quick reply link that expands a generic reply form and to offer a link to use a more advanced reply form.

I started playing around a bit and I realized that this shouldn’t be to hard. I used the following snippet in my template file to expand and collapse the comment form:

function phptemplate_comment_form($form) {
   return '<fieldset class=" collapsible collapsed"><legend>Quick Reply</legend>' . drupal_render($form) . '</fieldset>';

The issues I need help with is:

  • What would be the snippet to only display this feature on node pages, not on comment/edit or comment/reply?
  • How would I print a link that leads to the reply page? I’d preferably like the version that displays ‘Login or register to post comments ‘ to users who aren’t logged in.

By the way, I’m using bueditor as the advanced editor, which lets you control where you want it to show up.

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