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Asked by on Thu 4th Dec 2008
Migration Woes. I had to manually edit the MYSQL database. How could I have done this job more easily.

I had a miserable experience migrating my site today.

Background: I have root on the hosting box but not on the box running mysql. the installation is D6x. I am a college professor who is a reluctant part-time sysadmin and Drupal person. I dont know anything about mysql dump or myphpadmin, etc; I write an email to the College’s computer people and, presto, a database is available to me (they even back it up on a six-week rotation).

Here is what I did:

a. Tarred all the files from the old site and untarred them in the new site to preserve ownership and permissions.

b. Asked the college to make me a new mysql database.

c. Changed settings.php on the new site for the new db and new site name.

d. Migrated the old database to a new database with the download and upload feature on backup & migrate. (I downloaded to my desktop and then uploaded onto the new site).

e. Ran update.php

This must be a really bad way of migrating :(

The db tables still referred to the old site. Since i had the db on my desktop, i decided to search all instances of the old site and replace them with instances of the new site. Even this wasnt enough as there were still errors in the theme.inc. These were related to the way the theme settings are recorded in the database. Apparently, the number of characters in the site name need to be correctly specified at a great number of points. I am sure I missed a few but the site is working seemingly ok.

What did i do wrong and how can I do it right next time?
This was a move form one development site to another so I will still have to migrate it one further time

Thanks in advance,

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