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Asked by on Sun 30th Nov 2008
How to pass arguments to a block view in Drupal 6, Views 2? The help on the web that I have found seems to assume Views 1.

Hi all,
I am a newbie. I can look up PHP commands but I dont really know PHP. I am setting up a web site for my department (Psychological Sciences, Univ. of Missouri). I am a faculty member so I am doing this on the side for “fun.” One of the things we would like is to list publications and I have built a “publications” content type. Each faculty member has a page (node) and I would like to add a block at the bottom that lists publications for that faculty member. I choose user name as the argument but cant seem to pass the user name from the page (node) to the block. I can get it to work in the views preview if I type in the user name myself.

Thanks in advance,

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