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Asked by on Thu 6th Nov 2008
Tutorial that explains more in depth inserting of images in to content?

Morning All,

I´m looking for ideas on how I could accomplish the following within Drupal. It is a site I am working on for my cousin and I want to convert from Joomla to Drupal (as it seems drupal has endless possibilities)


As you can see there are two photos of the dogs, these are the ones he will be mating, below I would like to add a maximum of 6 thumbnails (nothing fancy). I would like them to be in a containing div like for example here http://drupalsn.com/projects. Ideally I am trying to create some form of template so that when he mates another 2 dogs, he can simple create another node? and then add the photos with ease.

Can anyone recommend the best way to accomplish this? (I’m guessing with CSS and maybe imagecache) but also I’m kind of stuck on the inserting images in to content aswell.

Thanks in advance!

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