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Asked by on Wed 29th Oct 2008
Who can create a cutting edge theme?

We’re a start-up based in DC and we’re developing a new social media experience like nothing else on the internet. We need the help of a uniquely talented Drupal theme designer. If you think you can do something like the designs below — only better — at a reasonable price, please let us know.

Here are some designs we love (and why):

wildbit.com — clean easy interface
senduit.com — idiot proof interface; large, clear typeface
darrenhoyt.com/demo/agregado/ — small icons in upper, right; speech bubble aesthetic
inside.nile.ru/#years-2008/ — AJAX carousel implementation
ponoko.com — clean interface; consistent iconography; vivid login area
carbonmade.com — big & bright interface; very web 2.0
gist.com — inviting background gradient; like carbonmade.com and senduit.com
nytimes.com — text-intensive, but very easy to read
facebook.com — richly featured, but not too busy
brightkite.com — 3D elements
acko.net — 3D implementation; perspectives; tag cloud looks like scotch tape
cappuccino.org — big and bright
patterntap.com — good use of sylized speech bubbles; strict grid design; colors
culturedcode.com — colorful; Mac OSX look
SpaceCollective.org — novel way to organize entries
bestiario.org — visually interesting
viewzi.com — stunning!

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