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Asked by on Wed 21st Dec 2011
I wanted to know that is this project is workable on drupal plateform any help & suggestion is Appciated.

Website Functionality

-Users can self-register online – User profiles can be filled out – User email address is automatically validated – Agree to appropriate copyright and IP agreements – System can send automatic, periodic notices to users and groups of users identified by admin – Users should be able to self-register for their college groups – Different user levels should have different permissions within the system i.e. creating user roles. – Users get access to a personal portal page on login and are able to edit and update profile and personal information – Users are able to see recent activities in the website once they login like Recent comments, New Questions, New events, New articles etc. Designing user dashboard. – OpenID Signin

Events Section

- Users can create Events in the predefined template by uploading text and images which will be published with prior approval from Admin. – Event Owner / Creator can update the information on a daily basis. – College events view by month, week and day – Filter by event type, program, location, etc. – Online event registration details of which are accessible to the Event Owners – Email event reminders. – Recommend similar events. – Rating of Events by Users – Export/share/email Events with social Media platforms.

College Pages

College pages will be wiki style with ability to create and edit college pages by any user which needs to be approved by the admin before being published. We wish to deploy mediawiki module for this. – College introduction, course listings, Faculty and instructor profiles, Student success stories, Student life, photo gallery etc. This template needs to be created for users to create and edit information.

Student Clubs/Interests Pages

Any user can create a student club or interest group page and with in a framework of a pre-designed template. User can update the information on a daily basis. Linkages will be there with the college and events page.

Email newsletters and alerts

- Informative email newsletters and alerts to engage the users and keep them updated. – Subscribers choose programs or areas of interest – Newsletter and alert templates reflecting website look and feel. – Newsletter user and admin functionality.

Multi User Blogs

A multi user blog module will be deployed. – Designing article page and author page template as per our specifications to make it easy for users to write and submit articles typically like a wordpress blog. – Categorisation of articles by top read and latest articles. – User comments and ratings – Sharing enabled to social media sites – Custom author specific twitter feeds management – RSS feeds – Tags/Taxonomy for categorizations

Quiz Module

Admin and User can create and take quizzes.
Challenge other users for quizzes

Questiona and Answer Module

Users have the ability to ask and answer questions . categorisation fo questions by user and tags and sections. Ratings of user by the number of questions answered

Page Layout and Presentation Requirements

Use CSS for web page layout and formatting – Cross-browser, cross-platform compatible – All pages print-friendly by default – Style modifications can be made without editing all web pages – Page Layout – Uncluttered and designed to facilitate easy comprehension and navigation

Other Work: – Google Adsense and Ad management Module – Q and A Section for Career Counselling – Shoutbox / Message Box, Survey/Poll Module, – Forums Section – Social Networking and content sharing Module of Drupal – Other modules like PathAuto, SEO, auto-metatags, etc – Running of various contests by the admin. – Whole Website search. – Site Statistics and Analytics Module. – Create a Strong database schema within the drupal architecture. – Apart from this it will carry regular pages like about us, careers etc.
-Overall Design and theme should be for youth – Please keep in mind that it is itself-sustainable user driven portal

This is what we are planning to introduce in a phased manner.
SSL integration for the User forms and other transactions.
E-Commerce Integration
Listing of Housing and accommodation features.
SMS Gateway Integration
Job and Internship Postings
Online Training and Seminars

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