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Asked by on Mon 19th Sep 2011
Attach a note type to another one and let regular users create content of the attached node type

Hi, I’m trying to make a website where I create a content type (design tutorials) and leave users to add links to other websites that has related tutorials.

So I have this node :

How to use photoshop

[content here]

[links added by users here]

The links will can be added only by registered users and a new added link needs administrator approval.

The links needs to be a redirect (/node/1/goto-12345xxx)

I’ve made both content types, how do I can attach them both so users can submit new links to a node ?

Point me in the right direction, I’ve tried a lot with views but seems like is not what I need or I didn’t know how to setup them.
The nodes are displaying corectly but I don’t know how to put them on same page and let users add new links.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks !

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