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Asked by on Tue 6th Sep 2011
I would like to show a list of parent records and when the user clicks on the title/read more link the children are shown.

I have experience in DB design and SQL but I am new to Drupal.

Drupal 7 Commerce has product records that are essentially children of product display nodes. I am using these product display nodes to store the style information (parent) for my products (children). I have established the relationship by listing the products in the style’s product reference field and including a style field in the product record. I would like, when a user clicks on the title of a style or the “read more” link, for the products matching that style to be displayed.
I have created a view which shows the products as I would like them and I have used the contextual filter to filter by style. (I have added a style field to the product records)

For example when I click on the title of style 14_1984 (or the read more) I would like the view of products matching 14_1984 to show. I can type “styles/14_1984/products” in the URL line and the correct page appears.

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