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Asked by on Sun 24th Jul 2011
I want to create a social network site.

Problem is i am not sure how to start. I hit the first thing as registration but i cannot just get past it. I fist did this custom module thing for registration. Then i used cck fields for registration but when i could not get it suit my purpose i used core profile module. But even still the problem persists with how to set default values. I am using drupal 6.

Please guide me through this rough patch. I just cannot get over it. Tell me what should i use. I want to create a registration page with same as drupal but with drupal form i want DOB and gender. Rest after that i want to create a multipage registration for user after that as soon as he logs in for the first time. I want to put his likes dislikes etc many more things there. Also not sure how it will or should be stored in DB. I am very new to drupal.

So i hope you have got the vision what i am trying to say. Please help me through this phase.

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