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Asked by on Mon 16th May 2011
How to create multi users multi blogs site?


This is my first question here.
The last time I’m trying to build multiuser multi blogs site. So every registered user can have his/her own blog. I try to use core blog module with enhacement Flexi blogs as I remember.
So every user can post and that works. What I need is standard blogs blocks like:


When you are logged in as eg. user1 and you look for other user’s blog eg. user20 in the user20’s archive block you should see all his archives block and only them not from other users. If you look for user50’s blog in archives block you should see all her archives. I can’t get such summarization for one user.
For example
user20 has written 3 blog posts
2 in may 2011 and 1 in february 2011
so his Archive block should have
May 2011 (2)
February 2011 (1)

user50 has written 8 blog posts
4 in May 2011 and 2 in January 2011 and 2 in December 2010 so her Archive block:
May 2011 (4)
February 2011 (2)
December 2010 (2)

I would like to have one standard taxonomy dictionary with terms which all bloggers can use. But if user20 will post will posts his posts only in categories:

only this terms should be visible in block categories, and after click I should get lists of all post from this category which are written by user20.

I think it is standard functionality of blog software and I think this is achivable in Drupal 7 which I work with. I try to use views for Drupal 7 but in contextual filters I don’t know what to put to get this.
Any idea?

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