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Asked by on Mon 9th May 2011
a view search(exposed filters) with users, that have taxonomy to them. Can't get both field(from profile module) and taxonomy in the same place.

Hallo there, i really hope you can help me out on this one.

Ive got this site where i got users, and the users had to fill out some information about themselves in the registration. most of this was made with taxonomy(gender, location etc) predefined options and the user just needs to pick a value. this is all done with the profile module in drupal 7.
Everything is fine so far, and it shows in selectlists so they know the options and only 1 can be selected.

But here comes my problem: I got this view where i have exposed filters on and i would like to be able to search for users. And be able to decied which part of the country they should be from(location from taxonomy), in a dropdown menu, just like the registration.
but i also want to be able to search on lets say height(the users write their height in cm), and that works fine too.

But i just can’t get the location to be in a selectlist, not when my view is a type: users. Though i can achive it from the views type: node, but then i can’t get the fields from the users.

hopefully this makes sense. And i can’t figure out why it dosn’t work, because in my head it sure should make sense.

Thanks for the help – Niclas Schumacher

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