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Asked by on Thu 7th Apr 2011
How to make users autocreate their own website from your own webite

Hello wonderful people,

I want people to come to my website, auto create their own website by clicking on a tab.
They will register a domain name, point it to my IP or nameserver, input it somewhere on the website and viola, there website will be online.

They will be able to select a template from the list of templates and also edit some content.

They wont see list of module and other technical stuffs.

All configurations affect their website. For instance if i setup a view to list news on the website, automatically when they create news item on their website, it should be listed with the views congiguration that i set up.

My site and all websites created under me will have thesame features..

I need a module /list of modules that can do this.

Someone should please point me to the right resources or guide me.


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