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Asked by on Fri 12th Nov 2010
How to set up an event drupal website with a carrousel events list, an upcoming events 'banner'-list and an event starting list.

I’m new to drupal and need step by step help to create following items displayed on the starting page:

1. a carrousel of events:
the events that where checked as ‘topevents’ will be listed here. An image preset for the carrousel is set as well. So only displaying an image in the carrousel that links to the event itself.

2. a choose-event-by-category (stated in taxonomy) function that lists main categories (with eventual fold outs for subcategories) in a (right)block on the page.

3. A list of upcoming events in a ‘banner’ layout(with maximum of e.g. 8 events set)
I think i can use the “Events listing system using Date, CCK and Views modules”-tutorial?
Very important is that i want the date of the event to be displayed as DD/MM. Each term wil have its own class: the day will be displayed in a bigger font-size than the month.

4.A list for selection of eventstarting: i can use the same tutorial as well i think?
This will contain (in its own styling):
events tomorrow
events weekend
events week
events month

5. a small ‘floating’ calendar to directly select by date

Can you assist me in creating this, step by step?

Thank you!!!

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