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Asked by on Thu 23rd Sep 2010
Why will my Drupal 5.20 installation not register my upgrade to 5.23?

Hi all,

I have got a problem that’s driving me nuts! I have a Drupal 5.2 installation that I have upgraded to 5.23. However, teh Status Report is not showing that I have 5.23 but rather 5.20 still!The available updates module also reports I need to upgrade. From playing around a little I have found that nothing I upgrade in the core or the modules registers as being updated, even thought the files are definitely there. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

– I have run update.php with no errors.
– I have tried the upgrade a number of times.
– I have checked the database and it is pointing at the correct system.module file.
– I can’t see any duplicate system.module or .info files elsewhere in my file structure (or Drupal.module and Drupal.info)
– I can’t find any reference to 5.20 in my database.
– I have flushed all caches.

I’m losing my mind here trying to figure this out. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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