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Asked by on Sun 29th Aug 2010
Using Drupal - Chapter 3 (How do I use the profile from the book??)

Hi All,

Sorry for the trouble again, I am currently learning Drupal using the “Using Drupal” book. But in chapter 3, it requires me to use the profile for the chapter (Using the source from the publisher’s website). I can’t find how to do this in the book, also I have been google for the last few hours, looking for a way to do this.

So far, I discovered that I need to increased the php.ini memory from the default to 128M. I found another link from drupal.org, which told me that I need to create a php.ini file at the root directory. But I am still getting the error (blank page).

I also have empty the database, so I can run the “install.php”. But I am still getting a blank page.

Please help, I am enjoying my path in learning Drupal, but I can’t move forward until I can do this.

Thank in advance,


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